Signing in with Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect allows you to login to using your Facebook account login details. Your member's profile will be automatically updated and you can login at any time just by clicking the Facebook sign in button at the top of the page.

When you click the Facebook sign in button, a small Facebook window will open. If you have a Facebook account, simply enter the email address and password you use for Facebook, and you will automatically be logged in to If you don't have a Facebook account, on the bottom left corner of the small window, click on "Sign up for Facebook" and you can create a new Facebook account to use with

If you are already logged into Facebook in another tab on your browser and you click the Facebook sign in button then you'll be logged in automatically without even entering your details.

We do not store or see your Facebook login details on our site, it's handled entirely via Facebook.

Linking your membership with a Facebook account

If you're already signed up to become a member of, you can still link your membership with your Facebook account later on. Just go to your member profile and select the option to 'Link to a Facebook account'.

Unlinking your membership with a Facebook account

You can unlink your Facebook account at any time by going to your member’s profile and clicking on the ‘Unlink to a Facebook account’ button.