Good morning. i am a welfare office in a secondary school working with students who self harm. one young person harms late at night regularly. i am trying to think of distraction techniques that can help him break the cycle but struggling with ideas and most suggestions involve 'doing' something. he is not the sort to meditate or write stuff down. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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By: Kira

on: 28.01.15

I don’t know if would help him but maybe he could listen to music? Maybe rock or metal or any music that he could relate to at that time. It helps me and some of my friends do it too and we get distracted by it because most of the time we just day dream and really listen to the lyrics. I also do it because I feel like I’m not alone and people actually care.
Maybe he could also wrap the part/s he harms and just sleep it off? I can’t suggest that he should talk to other people because I know that is really hard to do.
If he is not the sort to write and stuff. I suggest he just rant (please just tell him not to swear at himself or annything. Swearing at yourself doesn’t help!)

By: Little Miss Defeated

on: 24.02.15

Punch a pillow, scream, grab a pen and draw on yourself (felt tips are good a they won’t hurt, but be careful about giving him this one, maybe in a recovery stage would be better), scream into a cushion or out loud, scribble on some paper, punch something soft, rip pages out of an old note book, dance to a loud song or sing at the top of your voice, exercise, splatter paint, tidy your room, go online shopping, eat your favourite food or crunch ice.  Maybe get together a box of stuff with some easy to access things he could do quickly if those thoughts come? For the more exhilarating ones, breathing helps after to calm down.

By: martin224

on: 02.03.15

just talking help :]