how can i stop self harming i do it too much and it is starting to get out of cuntrol

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By: Nickay97xo

on: 27.12.16


I to am a self-harmer and have been since a very young age.. when i turned 18, i thought getting a tattoo on each wrist would help me stop, but it didnt, when i managed to stop cutting myself for 2 years, i used 2 elastic bands, and everytime i wanted to feel physical pain, i used to ping them really hard off my wrist, which gave me the same kind of relief as cutting myself did, and it worked.

I felt alright and stopped doing that, stopped pinging my wrists with elastic bands, and carried on with my life.. until november this year, my ex left me a week after i lost his baby, i took and overdose, and then i selfharmed the week after i got out of hospital.. by this point, i had completely forgotten about the whole ‘elastic band’ theory, until the hospital gave me a pack about selfharm and ways to cope, and the elastic bands were in this pack, and since then i have went back to that theory and i haven’t slefharmed again since i got them. Try doing that, and let me know if it helps, or you can draw a butterfly on each qwrist everytime you feel low, because when you look at the butterfly, you will think ‘who would harm a harmless creature’, and then you wont do it.. or draw a butterfly wherever you self-harm, most people like myself dont just choose to cut the wrist.

you have braved one big step and came on this website and asked for help, thats something that took me years to do!, hope everything goes well for you in the future and try and keep your head up, whether your male or female, your unique and beautiful in your own way.

By: felicityw14

on: 31.12.16

hi I just started this but tbh no one else can help us stop I want to everyday but I know its all down to me I am starting to get therapy I had it in therapy it never helped I started cause I was being bullied can anyone actualy stop bullies no but only ourselves even how many friends or family we tell no one can actualy get rid of all the horrible people who do It I am going out of control with my self harm and decided to give this a try can someone plz help me get the urge of wanting to pick up a blade or a nife or a piece of glass can someone actualy help me