After questioning my son when I saw a very nasty bruise on the top of his arm. He told me very matter of fact that he sometimes hurts himself to punish himself when he gets angry with himself if he carries out a bad habit like biting his nails or sucking his thumb. He explained that he bites, pinches or hits himself and the pain makes him feel better. He says that noone has said anything about these habits he just doesn't like them.I told him that I understand and we made a deal that if he feels like doing it in the future he will come and talk to me about it.I have always thought that my son shows signs of Asperger's but I have never explored a diagnosis in the past which I regret now. As I have no idea this self harming is a symptoms of Asperger's and that the support he needs may differ which is what I have read.I have made an appointment to see his GP but this is a week away.Just wondered if anyone can give me any advise as I feel desperately worried.

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