I work in a detox centre currently have a lady in who has cut herself before admission and once while at the unit. We have 4 rooms ground level which she is occupying. Today the manager wants to change her room to an upstair room. She has been found trying to access the kitchen for a knife 2 nights ago. Also asked for her razor to shave her legs last night. Anyway the room the manager has offered her is upstairs. Night staff may not see her if she decided to walk out in the night. Her home is less than 2 miles away in my opinion she could walk out unnoticed. The room she is now is ground floor and she has to pass the office . In my opinion this could give us more scope to intervene if she did want to leave. She also the only female at the moment. My manager told me she's not a risk he's medically trained and I'm not. Do you think I have duty of care to voice my concerns or just accept his decision. I'm just a support worker he said

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