This might seem like I really stupid question, but I am wondering why do I self-harm. I started when I was 12 and did it for a few months but later stopped but occasionally did it as a coping method. About a month ago I unfortunate started again, and I get urges to do it, but I don't know why, I don't do it to relieve stress or as a coping method I just do it and I really don't know why, I just need to, I'm not extremely depressed and I'm not looking for attention either.

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 23.11.16

Hi thanks for getting in touch with us, sorry to hear you started harming again, sometimes we can begin to self-harm as a distraction or it can in some instances become a habit. Maybe try and think of other things you could do when you feel urges to harm. For example, craft or knitting or sewing can be a good one. Some people find going out for some fresh air or accessing some mindfulness can help. Try and think of things that are able to take your mind off of your feelings and move past the urges you have to harm. We wish you all the best in your recovery.