Well let me start at the beginning... My name is Christopher Smith and I have been self harming for nearly 3 years now. I don't know where I started but I know the reason and that was I could't take anymore stuff being said about me and not being able to deal with what was being said, so I resorted in what I have been doing for 3 years now.

From that point onwards whenever I have struggled with a difficult situation, such as breaking up with a girlfriend or people giving me shit for what I do to myself, I find the only way to deal with emotions or letting my emotions out, was to realise them on to myself.

I have set myself out to seak medical advice on how to help myself to recovery but doctors and people just don't know how you feel or how to deal with you. They treat you like someone who needs to be seen to by people in white coats, with electrons coming out of you.

So after 3 years of self harming and trying to find a way to recovery, I think I have finally found one which is working, as an activity instructor, which is a job a love doing. Keeping myself busy every day and keeping my mind of certain memories. Also with working by telling the staff was the best desicion ever as they all know and we can have a joke about what I have done, and some are even fasinated by what self harming is and how to deal with it.

So thats my story so far, all I can say I hope people read this and see what I am trying to get across... which is you are who you are don't ever let anyone change who you are or what you do.

Chris :D

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By: tamaramcguigan15

on: 21.08.15

Chris its good that your now keeping yourself busy and letting self harm get the better of you x