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How to not have a rubbish Valentines' Day

There are always those days that come along and feel like they make everything a bit harder. Sometimes it's anniversaries of things that happen, and other times it's random days when everyone is expected to be happy. Like Valentines' Day. When we're all supposed to feel romantic.

And sometimes it's the little things - like a ridiculous day in the calendar -  the that can push us over the edge, and take us from 'just about coping' to 'not coping'. 

So we're here to help.

If you love Valentines' Day - woop! Go out and enjoy it! If you're not so sure, here are some tips for getting through.

1. Remember, loads of people are trying to do romantic things and are actually having a rubbish time.



It might look like everyone is all loved up, but often people are paying crazy money (because everything costs more on Valentines' Day) and having a not great time.

2. The whole Valentines' cards thing can make things awkward.

When I was 14 I sent a guy a Valentine and it was all he talked about for ages, bragging to all his friends. Until he found out who it was from. And then he never said another word about it.

When I was older I sent an anonymous Valentine to a friend because I thought it would make her happy. But then when she found it wasn't actually from the person she fancied, but from me, she was actually angry.


(From this I have learned: I should never send Valentines' cards).

3. If you want to be faithful to the origins of Valentines' Day, the original St Valentine had no connection to romantic love, that came about 1000 years earlier. He was killed for being a Christian and actively trying to tell other people about Christianity in the time of the Roman Empire. I don't actually know how you'd commemorate that. 


4. Celebrate love. In your own way. 

Let's not be so boring and narrow to just leave it to the couples. Who do you love? Your family? Your hamster? Your best friend? Think of something that would make them smile and do that. You could even keep it a secret. 

Or think of someone who might not get shown any love this Valentines' Day and do something that would make them happy. (Although remember no.2 and be careful).


We hope it's an unexpectedly good Valentines' Day for all of you.