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Emergency Help

We can’t be there in person to help and support you in a moment of crisis, but there are other options available to you if you can’t turn to someone you trust. By giving us your postcode (or one nearby to where you are right now) we can let you know about services in your area. Remember: this moment will pass; you won’t always feel the way you do right now. 

If in doubt always call 999.

You can also sign up to Alumina, our online support for mental health and wellbeing here: 





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Giving things away can make us feel good!

It is proven that giving something away does actually have a positive effect on our mental health!

Think about it: when you have spent ages thinking about a present a person will love and then they open it, how do you feel?

It feels good doesn’t it? We often feel pleased with ourselves – at the work we put into buying it, the time we took wrapping it and then the expression of joy on the person receiving the gift's face!

Giving away our time (otherwise known as volunteering) is exactly the same...

Here are some of the ways volunteering can help us:

🏅 We make new friends


🏅 We overcome personal struggles (learning new skills, being in a new social situations)


🏅 It’s better than paid work because we can be more picky choosing to volunteer in an area we enjoy most!


🏅 We add to our CV and work experience;


🏅 We get to have FUN! 


On average people in the UK volunteer for 11 hours a month; that’s less than 3 hours out of your busy week to...

  • Volunteer at the cat shelter
  • Litter pick in your local park
  • Volunteer at the Old People’s home
  • Arrange a school climate change group to tackle how school can develop an Eco school
  • Help out at the local kids club or music group
  • Take your elderly neighbours’ dog for a walk
  • Do the filing for a local charity 

When you're looking for volunteer opportunities, remember to look for something that...

  • You enjoy
  • That pushes you a little, but not makes you feel uncomfortable
  • That you can commit to
  • That helps you make friends with people you might not otherwise get to know
  • That is about things that motivate you!

Enjoy volunteering over the summer break: you certainly won’t get bored!