Child access

My son was in a difficult marriage and had an affair (which we do not condone). However he told his wife he didn't love her anymore and this was distressing and he self harmed and threatened suicide. Since then he has attended therapy and still is and has medication. Because of this his wife decided it was unsafe for him to be with the children and has prevented sole contacted for a period of 6 months. At no time has anyone said he is a risk to the children. So me progress has been made on seeing the children but his wife will still not allow him to have the children at his new address (with his parents) some 200miles away at half terms. Instead he has to travel to Kent from Wales at considerable cost for travel and accommodation at times and dates as proposed by her. All contact I have had with the children has been deemed good by my wife who was in attendance. I am now going to be allowed to see them without her being present but with one of my parents. I have always been a good Dad and always will but feel I am being treated unfairly. It seems I will have to go to court to gain much more access to my children when I have never been told by anyone that I am to my children. Social services assessed the situation but deemed not take any further assessment and never spoke directly to me. No medical Doctor has deemed I am a risk . My wife has never contacted Social Services saying she fears for our children's safety. Any proposals I make for contacts are refused it has to be her dates only. Sorry for the waffle but it gives a background to my situation and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what was the outcome. Eg Has a court ever stopped parental contact with their children. This is my next step.

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