The article below was written by Aurora, a young person who is currently studying for a degree in Psychology.

Have you ever started the day feeling fine and then some tiny thing intrudes on your thoughts and utterly ruins it until it seems like you cannot possibly feel any worse? Have you ever looked back a few hours, or the next day, and wondered ‘what was that all about?’. Today is World Mental Health Day 2017 and we think it's about time we talked about why this happens. 

Everyone knows that it is difficult growing up, but it can be hard for adults to really empathise with teens because they themselves have forgotten what it feels like to be one. Everything feels more intense to young people, going right back to when they were babies. I can remember bawling my eyes out when I was 5 because I had dropped my Mc’Donalds in the street. It is so easy when you are young to get overwhelmed by silly little things, but why is this so?

The answer lies in biology. The temporal lobe, which is housed at the front of the brain, is responsible for all the mind’s coping mechanisms; and of all the parts of the brain, the temporal lobe is the slowest to develop. It isn’t until a person hits their twenties when that part catches up with the rest.

I wish someone had told me all about the temporal lobe when I was younger. I studied psychology for four years and never knew how significant the temporal lobe was for young people. It would've saved me a lot of grief to know that the depths my mood could sink to over nothing wasn't because there was anything wrong with me, but that it was down to a slowly developing biological component which I had no control over.

So remember, the next time you feel down, give it time. You will be surprised at how differently you will feel.

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