Welcome to our brand-new website! We are so excited to be sharing with you all the weeks and months of work we have been doing to try and get this right. The first thing that you may notice is that we now have three very specific areas for the main people that visit our site. This is so each specific group can feel totally at home sharing any stories or questions they have.

Our focus is and always has been young people and ensuring they get the help and support they need, but we know that as parents you are not only a constant sense of support, but that you also need your own areas to gain help and insight into what is happening.

We have a whole host of information for you in your designated area of the site and you can see this even if you are not logged in. However, if you want to see any content from other parents or have any questions or stories that you want to post. Then you need to be registered and logged in. You can do this by clicking login/register on the home page.

We also run a parents Alumina which is a six-week support group for you to learn more about self-harm and find some support from other parents who are going through similar things. Keep checking back to the site to see if there is any more information regarding this and we will have a sign-up process for you in the coming weeks.

You can also visit our store for a whole host of guides and resources that may help on this painful journey. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us. We hope you find all that you are looking for and that we can help you and your family in this journey.

Best wishes,

The SelfharmUK Team

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