Suicide attempts and self harm, discharged home

Nephew admitted last week for self harming following an attempt to overdose a couple of week earlier. Admitted to crises centre, he is presenting himself as being okay and wanting to come home. Sared that once he comes home he might try and take his own life again, as he did say he knows what to do to get discharged. Family totally lost what to do? Is he genuinely in right mind frame or is he putting up a front to get discharged from the secure centre?

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  • Ruth Ayres


    So sorry to hear this is happening for your family, have you relayed your fears to his treatment team that he is saying this and you are concerned he will try and take his own life once discharged? I would strongly recommend to do this if you haven't already.

    With regards to life outside of hospital it is so hard to be totally sure someone is not going to take their own life if they have in the past and I think the best thing you can do is, try and talk to him as much as you can, both during discharge and post discharge.

    It's hard to know if his thoughts and feelings are genuine which is why his treatment team are best placed to answer that question. I will also get clear instructions about post discharge support

    SelfharmUK Team

  • i am so sorry to read this - i completely get it, i was petrified when my child came out of long term inpatient care for the same's it been going? how old is he? if they are over 18, then family doesn't get told much, but under 18 there is a lot more communication between the team and the family. i hope he's doing ok?