I know so many people who struggle with this, and over the past few weeks, I’ve heard a number of people speak out about it, sharing their journey and ways they have started to overcome it.

A couple of months ago, Neil Hughes wrote an article for us, on loving your inner critic:

Recently, Neil’s TED Talk came out, and in this he shared how he relates his anxiety to walking on custard! (Intriguing, right?!)

He spoke about how to live life less anxiously by recognising and changing our unhelpful mental habits. One thing that stood out for me was how we need to get to know ourselves more, and pay attention to the thoughts we have. A habit we tend to have with anxiety, is letting our thoughts spiral. I know I’ve done this a numerous amount of times – I’d make a comment, and straight away notice how ‘stupid’ it was. This would slowly spiral to the conclusion that the people who heard my ‘ridiculous’ comment now hated me, when in reality, they most likely didn't think anything of it. Neil explains that when we recognise our first thought, we can choose our reaction to it, and therefore we don’t have to let it spiral.

Neil really wants to encourage others to open up and speak out about anxiety and mental health.

Here’s Neil’s TED talk, it’s definitely worth a watch!