what do I do when I feel I have to hurt myself in order for me to be in control? What can I do to find another way of coping with it.

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By: Kira

on: 28.01.15

Hi :)
Maybe you could write, draw, paint, listen to music if you’re into art and stuff like that. Or you could hit a pillow….

By: Happy_Gal

on: 07.08.15

I found that a replacement to hurting myself was to write the reasons why I was worrying on a piece of paper in red ink. Or write everything down on your arm, leg, where ever you hurt yourself.

By: AmberFoster22

on: 01.10.15

I found that talking to people about how i feel really helps. and also writing down more personal things you don’t feel comfortable sharing with other people helps a load, it takes stress off your chest short term and long term. also when i feel like cutting or harming myself in any other way using tattoo gel pens on my body of how i feeling or drawing on my skin really helps.

By: GirlOnTheRun

on: 29.05.16

I have the same problem i do it for control not for pain, sometimes what helps me is to put it down take four deep breaths and remind myself i am in control i also wear a bracelet with the semi colon on it so that when i look down to do it i see that first.