I am a 17 year old girl my ex boyfriend is 24 I met him when I was 15 and he was 23 I was with my boyfriend of nearly 3 years, but he finished with me 3 weeks ago the day before he finished with me he went up to Portland and wouldn't tell me why or anything the next day I was in college and I got a text from him and he said he didn't love me anymore it broke my heart I have been very depressed and now its 1000 times worse. I love him with all my heart I would do anything for him I got pregnant in our relationship 2 times I miscarried our baby at 3 months he didn't seem to really care but at the time his mum was batterling cancer a brain tumour so it went through it on my own but It did hurt me but his mum was his world so I put it to the back of head and dealt with it on my own it. I really miss him he was rock my everything i feel like a part of me has vanished completely i started cutting again to deal with it im being bullied again by people on social media and at college they bully me about my weight if i have spots or if i wear a hand bag instead of a backpack i don't fit in at all i really want to take a bottle of pills and end it as i don't feel it getting any better i feel like no one would miss me i have no friends and no family apart from my mum and brothers and sister (and my brothers and sister have problems witch require loads of attention) i really want to go into a self harm unit because im so close to giving up the only thing keeping me here is my kitten i love deeply i don't know what to do please help me

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