My friend has recently been in hospital after overdosing on paracetamol. She had previously self harmed by cutting herself and we as a friendship group have tried to support her. She is 19 in university and refuses to tell her parents about anything and so in effect we are her sole support system.Having now recovered, at first the overdose seemed to make her realise that she needed help however now she seems reluctant to seek any sort of help at all and has said a few times she feels like taking pills again.When released from hospital she says they gave her no information on what to do next and that through the uni she is being set up with a therapist she says could take months due to a waiting list. She did not ask any questions on what to do and says she hasn't looked online or anything for advice.I was wondering what could be a next step for her now? Obviously we are there to support her and stop her overdosing but we can't be with her all the time and get the idea out of her head like a professional or someone could. She says she doesn't even know why she does it so it is tough for us to help sometimes.

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