Ever since i was 11 i have had really bad anxiety which has effected everything i do i am now 14 and I have depression and i self harm and i have done for about a year. My mum found out when i first started and she thought i stopped. A few of my close friends know and some have threatened to tell my school but i don't want them to know as i have seen what has happened to a few other students in my year. Now my 12 year old sister has started scratching herself and i want to help her but i can barely help myself. I am very distant with my family and now with most of my friends and i have recently been having suicidal thoughts i want help but i don't now how or from who.

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 13.02.17

Thanks so much for getting in touch with SelfharmUK, it sounds like things have been tough for you, it also sounds like you want to stop harming and also help your sister. The way to get the help you need is to talk to your school or GP about what is happening and they will be able to listen and tell you about services in your area. Your friends will only want to tell school because they are worried about you. Help is out there, just try and get it if you can.