How I started to self harm and overdose a lot.I was 13 when my poorly sister pearl got very ill. She died 24th February 2015 before that I been self harming and overdosing and I put my self in hospital 3 times. Didn't learn from that. The death of my sister hit me hard I keep thinking to myself it should be me who dead not a little baby who had her whole life ahead of her. My family found out they went straight to my GP and I had treatment it i didn't want it all I wanted was my little sister back and my life to go back to normal but life doesn't work like that the mates noticed that I haven't been eat and I wasn't my self so they went to safe people next they ask me loads of question then they rang my mum and told her to make my a doctor appointment to get tested to see if I was depressed I was. This is my story

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