Summer's here, throw off the jumpers, sip the mocktails and let the barbecues brim. Although re-wind, not so much. So many people love summer for so many reasons, they love the long days and the hazy evenings round the fire-pit. More time with friends and holidays to sunnier warmer climates. But some people just find summer damn right sore! The shame of exposing their scars and the fear of people pointing and asking questions. The time freezing moment when someone asks “what’s that on your arm and how did you get it?” The sinking feeling of knowing your marked thighs that you keep so hidden may have to be exposed as your friends suggest a summer trip to the outdoor pool. It all feels sore, painful and triggering, you feel isolated and totally alone. Let me introduce you to a girl I found on YouTube, who vlogs about her own experience with this problem.

I watched as she encouraged young people to try and accept their scars as part of them, this girl is by no means a pro-harmer and is clear that she wouldn’t encourage people to harm, but she does help you to think about how best to deal with and look after your scars. Remember there is a clear difference between cuts and scars, scars are fully healed and although they may be raised they are sealed and look very different to cuts and skin that may still be broken, please be sure to look after yourself. 

SelfharmUK is not responsible for other content on external websites. Please as you browse YouTube be safe and steer clear of any triggers.