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SelfharmUK Ethos


SelfharmUK seeks to meet the needs of young people who are impacted by self-harm across the UK, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation disability or religious identity. SelfharmUK aims to be innovative in its approach to the issue and the work the project delivers.

SelfharmUK looks to challenge the hidden nature of the self-harm, looking to be accessible to all and challenging the way society and individuals respond to the issue. The project leads the field in creative and fresh approaches.

Organisational Values

SelfharmUK is a project of Youthscape and as such adopts the wider values of the organization:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Boldness and risk
  • Excellence in what we do
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Celebration and fun
  • Serving the disadvantaged

Overall aim

  • To support young people impacted by self-harm
  • To equip parents, carers and professionals
  • To be a positive, appropriate voice in the media


  • To provide information and resources on the selfharmUK website
  • To facilitate a safe, effective and reliable online support programme
  • To supply training to professionals working with young people
  • To develop resources that increase understanding about self-harm


  • Increased understanding of self-harm for young people, parents and professionals
  • Increased skills to manage and communicate needs
  • Increased ability and confidence to respond to and support young people who self-harm
  • Improved representation of self-harm in the media